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Spot Cleaning & Stain Removal

Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning can take care of your spot cleaning and stain removal needs.

Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Service have years of industry experience on the Gold Coast. Over the years we have perfected the art of cleaning away those hard to get rid of stains. If you have a particular spot or stain on your carpet, upholstery, leather, mattress, tiles or grout we can help!

We Only Use High Quality Equipment and Products, So You Get a High Quality Result

The equipment we use for our spot cleaning and stain removal process is top of the line. Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Service pride themselves on working with quality equipment, that produce high quality results.

The products we use during our spot cleaning and stain removal process are no different. Our products have been specifically selected because we know they work. We’re also conscious of using non-toxic products that are safe for your family and your pets.

Don’t Let Your Stain Fester

If you need a spot cleaning or stain removal service, don’t put it off! The longer you put off cleaning the stain, the more chance it has of ruining your carpet, tile, upholstery or mattress.

Depending on what caused the stain also depends on what other problems arise. Stains often attract bacteria and pests to the area. This can cause and even bigger problem. The best thing to do is to have the stain taken care of by a professional as soon as possible.

Enlist Our Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal Services Now, and Shrink Your ‘Cleaning List’

We’re here to help you check off your ‘Cleaning List’. Sometimes you don’t need to go all out. Sometimes you just need professional spot cleaning and stain removal to freshen up your space. If your residential or commercial property needs a once over, contact us today. We’re trained and experienced in spot cleaning and stain removal.

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