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How do you know it’s time to get your carpets cleaned?

How do you know it’s time to get your carpets cleaned?

A clean carpet can greatly enhance a room’s appearance. Daily wear and tear along with tracked in dirt and debris will quickly turn a beautiful rug into an eyesore. The best way to keep carpet looking and smelling fresh for longer is to bring in a professional carpet cleaner to purge deep stains. Here are five signs it is time to call for an appointment.

Experiencing allergy flare-ups? It might be time to get your carpets cleaned

Allergens, such as pollens, dust and mite droppings, can get trapped within carpet fibres and cause allergy flare-ups. Even insect debris will worsen symptoms in people with allergies. While regular vacuuming helps to remove these allergens, steam cleaning and the techniques used by an expert carpet cleaner will reach the places where a home vacuum cannot.

Old stains? It might be time to get your carpets cleaned

Old stains can leave permanent marks and odours if not dealt with. Stains can lead to deterioration of the carpet or rug and can make it difficult to restore them back to their original glory. A professional carpet cleaner has the tools and expertise to deal with old stains in order to restore the original carpet as much as possible.

Worried about bacteria? It might be time to get your carpets cleaned

Microbiology research published in 2001 found an average indoor carpet to be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square 6.45cm. Dust mites, dried skin and pollens create a favourable breeding environment for bacteria. Illness-causing germs like e. Coli can be in your carpet without you even knowing it.

Pet accidents? It might be time to get your carpets cleaned

Every pet owner knows the struggle that comes with pet accidents. Unfortunately, as much as you can remove the visible components of a stain, the odour is very difficult to eliminate. If the smell isn’t removed, it can linger and pets will continue to pee in the same spot because they can smell the old stain. Stains are easiest to remove when they are fresh, so it is important to call in the professionals as soon as possible following a pet accident. A professional carpet cleaner has the expertise and relevant products to remove the smell permanently. If you wait a long time before contacting a professional, don’t worry. Pet stains and odours can still be treated.

Carpet looking drab? It might be time to get your carpets cleaned

You might not realise how dull and dirty your carpet is until it is professionally cleaned. Discolouring and fading happen over time and an expert can restore fibres back to their original splendour.

Bring your carpet back to life with Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services

When choosing a carpet or tile cleaner on the Gold Coast, it pays to do your homework. The cleaning industry is unregulated, and no qualifications are required.At Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services, our qualifications, state-of-the-art equipment, non-toxic products and vast experience mean we produce the best carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning results. For more information, please contact us today on 0413 497 423.


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