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Why you need to be wary of cheap carpet cleaning quotes

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”. This is true with carpet and upholstery cleaning. As any highly qualified carpet cleaner will tell you, there is a right way and a wrong way to do the job. The right way takes an experienced and qualified cleaning specialist, high-quality equipment, effective cleaning agents and, just as importantly, time. 

What are the risks of choosing a cheap carpet cleaning quote?

Flooring is a big investment for most people. When choosing a carpet cleaner, the company you choose will determine how good your carpets and rugs look afterwards – and how long they stay that way. If your carpet cleaner is unqualified and/or inexperienced, you risk permanent damage from over-wetting, improper or poorly mixed chemicals, improper brushing, and other negligence. If you receive a cheap quote, make sure you check the credentials and experience of the operator. Otherwise, you might find the thrill of using a cheaper cleaner evaporates about as quickly as the dirt begins to reappear on your carpet within days or weeks of cleaning.

Is the carpet cleaning industry regulated?

No. The carpet cleaning industry in Australia is unregulated. Anyone can purchase equipment and call themselves a carpet cleaner. Unskilled and unqualified operators are likely to be desperate for business and the result is often ridiculous discount prices and hasty cleans which could damage your carpets. 

Paying less doesn’t mean you’ll get shoddy work

Paying less doesn’t always mean you’ll get shoddy work. Some companies that receive high customer ratings for the quality of their work also charge lower-than-average fees. Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services is one of these.

What are the best questions to ask when looking for a good carpet cleaner?

  1. Before hiring a carpet cleaning company on the Gold Coast or Tweed, ask about their methods. For carpet, you’re usually best off hiring a company that offers hot-water extraction with truck-mounted equipment.
  1. Know that the person you speak to on the phone might be a telemarketer and not actually perform the work themselves. If possible, deal directly with the company that does the work. Highly trained and experienced, Jason Horne, the owner of  Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services, takes extreme pride in ensuring all his services are delivered to the highest quality. You can be confident dealing directly with Jason will ensure great results.
  1. Ask whether the carpet cleaner is a member of an association or has achieved recognised accreditation standard. These operators are more likely to be aware of technical developments in the industry. Companies such as Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services are certified with Interactive Training International (ITI), Australia’s premier training and accreditation organisation to the cleaning and restoration industry.
  1. Ask what type of equipment and products the carpet cleaner uses. At Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services, our carpet cleaning machine is the best money can buy and the products we use are non-toxic, allergy friendly and of the highest quality. 
  1. If you have pet stains, ask the cleaner how they treat them. A professional carpet cleaner has the expertise and relevant products to remove stains and smells permanently. 
  1. Ask how long your carpet will be wet for. Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services allow for a quick dry time of 2 to 3 hours.
  1. Before work starts, be sure to point out stains and tell your cleaner what caused them. Remove or raise hanging objects and put your prized valuables away. Your carpet cleaner will generally move such items for you but you might prefer to it yourself.
  1. There’s nothing more valuable to a business than worth of mouth and social media reviews. When seeking quotes, check to see if the company has a website or Facebook site. Read their reviews on Facebook, Google and other social media platforms.
  1. To avoid surprises, get in writing the total cost of the job before service begins.

Bring your carpets back to life with Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services

At Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services, our qualifications, state-of-the-art equipment, non-toxic products and vast experience mean we produce the best carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning results on the Gold Coast and Tweed. For more information, please contact us today on 0413 497 423.

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