Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Service Help Your Leather Last Longer on the Gold Coast

Leather Cleaning - Gold Coast - Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Service

Over the years we have perfected our leather cleaning process, creating a comprehensive method that includes both cleaning, stain removal, and protection. At Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Service we can clean and treat your leather with our specialised products, that help your leather last longer.

Our Leather Cleaning Process

When we come to your residential or commercial property to clean your leather, you can be assured that we take the time to individually assess your leather cleaning needs. Without fail we will spend a moment assessing the condition of the leather, and testing which leather cleaner will work best.

Once we decipher the most efficient product for your leather, we’ll thoroughly clean the leather furniture by hand. After we have cleaned the leather and attempted all stain removal, we treat the leather with our nourishing leather conditioner.

We include our nourishing leather conditioner as part of our leather cleaning process, because we believe it maximises the life of your leather.

Living on the Gold Coast Can Affect Your Leather Furniture

Living on the Gold Coast means your furniture is exposed to elevated levels of humidity. Leather is a porous material, meaning that moisture can easily seep into leather and damage your furniture. We recommend a regular leather cleaning regime.  It will stop mould and moisture stains, and breathe new life into your furniture.

We Also Clean Other Types of Upholstery

At Gold Class Carpet & Tile Cleaning Service, we offer upholstery cleaning on a range of materials, not just leather. We aim to be your one stop shop for furniture cleaning, and we have the expertise to work with special materials like velvet a suede.

If your leather is looking drab, smelling funny or if your allergies are making you miserable today. We’re trained and experienced in leather cleaning and all kinds of other upholstery cleaning.